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Do you find yourself worrying often or filling your head space with negative thoughts? Try deep breathing relaxation exercises. First, you must learn how to deep breathe properly:

Watch this video to learn how to pace your breath inhales and exhales:

Once you have learned how to utilize deep breathing, I recommend the use of guided imagery relaxation videos for stress relief. Guided imagery videos are for listening only. In the video, a person describes scenery (usually from nature, such as a beach, etc.) in a detailed manner to allow the listener to imagine that they are present in the scene being described. As you listen, get comfortable (avoid lying down in bed so as not to fall asleep), close your eyes, and practice the diaphragmatic breathing while counting inhales and exhales as practiced above.

Check out TheHonestGuys channel on YouTube:

Here are some of my favorite guided imagery relaxation videos:

If you like fantasy or Lord of The Rings- try these videos:

Harry Potter fans might enjoy the following relaxation resources:

TheHonestGuys channel also offers various videos that focus on specific mental health themes, such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, negative thoughts, etc.

Educational resources for continued psychological or mental health awareness:

Invisibilia on NPR:

Podcasts are a great resource in general for relaxation and reducing the occurence of negative thought processes. Look up any podcast that might pique interest and listen to them while getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed, when driving, sitting in waiting rooms, cooking, cleaning, or any time your thoughts would usually be wandering to unhealthy themes. If podcasts are not your preferred method, listening to music or audiobooks could be helpful alternatives. You might be able to access free audiobooks through your local library.

For a subscription service, I recommend:

Your first month usually includes two free audiobooks and after that a standard subscription costs $15/month including one free audiobook credit (you can cancel the subscription at any time).

Sleep difficulties:

Do you find you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep?

Try this sleep app to help with managing your sleep cycle and waking up at the optimal time for your body:

Additionally, you might find it beneficial to utilize guided imagery relaxation videos specifically for sleep (but don’t forget to set up a sleep timer on your phone):

Lastly, read the following link about managing healthy sleep hygiene:

I hope you find the resources above to be helpful. Contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment for personalized counseling.

Voicemail: 248-327-4643

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